Finding my purpose - How it all started.

Life purpose It all started three years ago, on a beautiful sunny British morning. I crossed a swathe of green dotted with fluffy sheep and bobbing clover, to a rural bed and breakfast.

The moment I stepped into the village, sad news of bereavement in the hostess's family was conveyed. While I had lunch at the local pub, unknown to me, the hostess and her mother, observed me from a private corner. On the way to the restroom, I noticed the pair, looking at me with large, tear filled eyes. They smiled and radiated affection.

The locals sure are friendly, I thought.

When I got back to the table, my husband got the message that we could check-in as soon as we were ready, we would be no problem.

I arrived at the cottage and instantly recognized the kind lady from the pub as our hostess. The deceased, the hostess's brother, was fond of India, she said. She saw it as a good sign that I was there, while they mourned and celebrated his short life. I was deeply moved to further discover that the brother had a special connection to Kerala and its people.

I heard the story of how the time spent in Kerala, had been transformative for this young man. He finally found his place in the world and had come back to his family, a completely changed man. He took charge of his father's businesses and turned them profitable. Sadly, he never overcame his smoking and excess weight.

As a Keralite, I am aware that we only travel to places we can make money at, never to obscure British villages. I wondered what I was doing there at such an important occasion in these lovely people's lives. I believed my role was to console which I did awkwardly, having never known the weight of such a loss.

The incident stayed with me as an important signpost for things to come, I knew not what. Please read the next blog post to see how this was the beginning.

Have you such an incident to share? Something that defied comprehension and then it all came together, many years later? Please share.