Frazzled to Fabulous. The 7 day Ayurveda hack, back to Sanity.


Frazzled to Fabulous. The 7 day Ayurveda hack, back to Sanity.

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No matter where you are today, in a week from following this course you will be in a place of beauty, peace and kindness to self and others.

This 6 module video course will be EMAILED to your INBOX, one each day. 

Each video will be packed with Ayurveda diet tips, rituals, Vedic healing techniques and Ayurveda practices. 

You will be invited to a private Face Book Group where you will post your progress and learning.

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Yes, Salila! Share your Ayurveda hacks with me!

Frazzled to Fabulous. The 7 day Ayurveda hack, back to Sanity.

In this 7-day Ayurveda video module course I guide you, step by step, day after day, on how to get your sanity back. 

No matter where you are today, in a week from following this course you will be in a place of gratitude, peace and kindness to self and others. 

These are techniques I learned during my 14-day retreat trips to Kerala, India where I take groups of 8-10 every May and September for an intense healing through Panchakarma. I witness humbling transformations but when we get back we are thrown into our old life and the old patterns that manifested unease in our bodies and minds creep up.

I created this module to support my clients from what I learned as I went through my own life implosion in 2015, when my husband of 10 years decided to leave me.

You will receive them as six  five-minute videos packed with tips, techniques and rituals, PDF files of recipes and diet information, and a Face Book group invitation. The videos will be delivered to your email every day.

Even if you follow three of the many rituals I have shared here, at the end of 7 days, you will sleep better, you will have tools to transcend negative emotions quickly and you will have a greater sense of purpose and enjoyment.

Step 1
Prepare the Ground
Shop for all the things needed to start an Ayurveda Lifestyle for a plant based diet, meditation, prayer and Yoga. A shopping list will be provided with lots of space for improvisation.

You may have a lot of this in your home already.

Step 2
Jump in Feet First
Attack your Ayurveda Type questionnaire. Modify diet and exercise. Jump start the program with a morning and night ritual.

I take you through the day from the moment you wake up and share rituals that will help be in a place of receiving abundance.

Step 3
Predict your Future
Learn a reliable Vedic technique you can fall back on no matter what hits the fan. Add this to your growing arsenal of tools and skills.

This tool has been my constant support and friend during my hardest times.

Step 4
Hello Beautiful!
Love and pamper yourself with time tested Ayurveda rituals. Let your heart expand and overflow with self-love.

We write down what love looks like to us and we practice loving ourselves the exact same way.

Step 5
Find Your Power Prayer
Open your heart to learn the language that only your heart knows.

The universe speaks to us in a unique language we must learn by interacting with it more and finding confirmations.

Step 6
Seed Your Future
To the daily Ayurveda rituals and diet, add a well-crafted affirmation charged with immense possibilities for your future. 

This powerful technique will stand you good for the rest of your life.

Finish Day 7 with a liquid fast on Saturday to ward off negative influences.

Recipes and tools will be shared on the Face Book Group Page. You will share your progress and the results on the page.

I will be available to you for guidance through the Face Book Group Page.

I am excited to share what I can do for you,


Salila Sukumaran