Private Session with Salila


If you need clarity and advise on how to find help and healing, this session is ideal.

I have guided hundreds of clients find direction whether it was with life advise, spiritual guidance or action steps to move forward in your life, this brief session will be helpful.

“Salila’s support was invaluable during my mom’s illness. With her guidance, I was able to manage my stress levels. Her help made a world of difference to me.” ~ BN

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Whether you are reaching out to me because you have an urgent question on your mind or to speak about a challenging situation, I am here for you.

In today’s world we are all lonely without guidance during critical life situations, this session will bring you clarity and peace of mind. Think of me as your wise sister who has a few tricks up her sleeve 🙂

(If you are looking for help with one of my products or services, please send an email to [email protected] )

Here is a key to make the most of our 15 mins together:

Prior to our session, start by taking a deep breath and centering yourself. Relax your shoulders and release any tension you may be holding in your body.

  1. Identify the one issue or problem that you would like to discuss. Be clear and specific about what you want to work on during this session. You only have 10 mins to share what is bothering you. I need at least 5 mins to share answers.

  2. Consider your values and priorities. Are you living in alignment with what matters most to you? Are you making choices that reflect your values and priorities?

  3. Explore your strengths and weaknesses. What are you good at? What challenges you? How can you leverage your strengths to overcome your weaknesses?

  4. Reflect on your past experiences. What have you learned from them? What mistakes have you made, and how can you avoid repeating them in the future?

  5. Identify your goals and aspirations. What do you want to achieve in life? What steps can you take to move closer to your goals?

  6. Consider your relationships with others. Are you surrounding yourself with people who support and encourage you? Are you setting healthy boundaries with those who don’t?

  7. Practice self-compassion. Be kind and gentle with yourself, especially when you make mistakes or face challenges. Remember that you are human, and it’s okay to struggle sometimes.

  8. Brainstorm possible solutions or strategies to address the issue or problem you identified at the beginning of the session. Be open to new ideas and perspectives.

  9. Choose one or two action steps that you can take in the next few days or weeks to move closer to your goals or address the issue at hand. Write them down and commit to following through on them.

  10. End the session by taking another deep breath and acknowledging your progress and growth. Remember that change takes time, and be patient and persistent in your efforts.

  11. Consider scheduling another session in the future to check in on your progress and continue working on your goals.

“Thank you so much Salila. I was able to view my situation from a fresh perspective and gain the confidence to take action. Your advise has helped me so so much” ~ Shreya

“Your guidance helped me to get back on my feet after losing my job. With your help, I was able to trust my own intuition and find a great new job. I am amazed how this happened.” ~ P. Kang

“I was able to work through my fears and anxieties surrounding marriage. Thank you so much for finding time for me, we tied the knot two weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier with my partner.” ~ Neeraj S

“Salila, I want to tell you that your compassionate and empathetic approach provided me with the space I needed to process my grief and come to terms with the loss of my dear mother. Your words were so healing during a challenging time.” ~ Jan

“Oh my god, what you said is exactly what I needed to hear. You helped me overcome my self-doubt. I applied to the masters program, everything just fell in place, I even found a scholarship!!! I am so excited for what the future holds for me” – Vineeta G

“I followed your Ayurveda tips for my India USA flights and it helped a ton!” ~ Elizabeth

“The meditation you led me through helped me overcome my anxiety around flying. I was able to speak at the conference the day after I landed, I was rested and calm.Thank you, Salila” ~ Dr. ND

I look forward to helping you get unstuck!

love and blessings


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