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Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in India

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I invite you to discover your Self in India.

“I highly recommend using Ayurgamaya to book travel to panchakarma in India. Salila and her team are fabulous. They helped me with the visa process as well as scheduling my flight ticket and itinerary. She is there to coach and guide you through the whole process.”
— Sophie Alcorn

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Reduce your dependency on medication. Heal your long term illness. Ayurveda is powerful and ancient.



Let go of stress and worry.
Experience an Ayurveda spa retreat like no other.



You have a soul. So does India.
Find each other.
Unique experiences are waiting.



Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic practice that is the focus of my Wellness Travel Consultancy.

Pancha (five) karma (deeds), is a powerful Ayurvedic tradition of cleansing and healing the body through the digestive tract, coupled with other physical therapies.

The entire process is approximately 15 days, and can be quite challenging or relaxing depending on your own needs and desires.

I choose Panchakarma as the focus of my retreats because I know of no other process that so directly contributes to happy, healthy, whole indiviudals, ready to be the effective leaders and humans that they are meant to be.

Cleansing your body and cleansing your emotions are not separate.

Panchakarma will streamline and embolden your body and mind, and enable you to be even more high-functioning and capable than you could possibly have imagined.




Pronounced aa-yur-gah-mah-yah, my Wellness Travel Consultancy brings people of all nations to beautiful Kerala, India.  

My knowing is that in Kerala, you will find flavor, color, joy, beauty, healing, and transformation.  

The Wellness Centers that I work with in India are environmentally conscious and sustainable, locally owned and employed, and at the highest quality.

Ayurgamaya is Sanskrit for 'to life, I go'.