Call me Salila 

I have lived and traveled almost everywhere in India and the Western Hemisphere.

I currently live in California with my daughter, a saintly mongrel dog, and a little runt of a black cat.

I have one foot firmly planted in Kerala and the other in California.

Pronounced aah-yur-gah-mah-yah... 

My Wellness Travel consultancy developed (as many good things) from both family and suffering.

My family lineage is steeped in the tradition of Ayurveda. The grandmothers pass down the traditions, which I often scoffed at in my childhood search for a more Western life.

However, Ayurveda was in my bones, and would not abandon me.

Although I have been successful and joyful in the Western lifestyle, I reached a point in my life where my health and my heart were missing something.

Mother urged me to return to the source - Ayurveda. I did not question her, and it was there that I found my healing.

After my profound and powerful Ayurvedic reconnection and transformation, I committed myself to bringing Ayurveda to the world I knew.

Now, I have a wonderful network of Wellness-minded souls in Kerala.

I know owners of large, hospital-grade Ayurveda retreats, and owners of small, family home-stays. I have some friends who drive luxury vans for celebrities, and some who have studied and taught yoga for decades.

I attract loving, considerate, respectful clients, and my friends love to share our beautiful mother India with them.

I know and love people of all shapes, sizes, temperaments and orientations. I am intuitive, can sometimes read a good mind and nothing makes me purr like a meaningful conversation.

I speak, think, and dream in English, Hindi, and Malayalam. The world is my family and the black mole on my foot says, I was born to travel :-)

It’s a joy to plan unforgettable Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Yoga journeys for you, your friends and family.


“I just retired! So I wanted to treat myself to a self-love/self-care trip of the highest order. Salila came through with flying colors! Her trip she set up for us went way beyond my expectations!”
— Teresa M