it is a reconnection to one's highest self.


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I have lived and traveled almost everywhere in India and the Western Hemisphere. I have one foot firmly planted in Kerala and the other in California.

My Wellness Travel consultancy developed (as many good things) from both family and suffering. My family lineage is steeped in the tradition of Ayurveda. The grandmothers pass down the traditions, which I often scoffed at in my childhood search for a more Western life.

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I offer time tested Ayurveda rituals and lifestyle changes for long lasting well being. Hundreds of happy clients all over the world.

Understand how disease takes root in the body, confidently make changes to self heal with my online courses 

Heal chronic illness with Panchakarma, the ultimate cleanse experience. As my referral, you get VIP treatment.

"I trusted your advise. I knew If Salila said it's good, it's good. You have to be careful with online reviews when booking a Panchakarma trip because you don't wanna end up like some people I met during my Panchakarma who went to 15 different facilities and then they finally got lucky and found the one you recommended. if you're paying about $2,000 for each Panchakarma experience. that's about $30,000 that you didn't really get anything out."
~Morghan Robinson, Outbound Travel

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