Ayurgamaya offers many travel solutions, depending on your individual needs. If you’re not suffering from a serious medical illness, but instead are experiencing symptoms such as burn-out or depression, you may need a serious dose of pampering.

In our modern society, pampering is often considered unnecessary and selfish. If you’ve got big deadlines to meet or soccer practices to attend, your own joy and health may end up taking the back seat. However, tending to your own pampering prevents many diseases caused by extended inflammation and stress. It’s just as important as eating and sleeping.

I have close relationships with lovely Ayurveda resorts and spas who specialize in pampering. These luxury resorts are designed to rejuvenate body, mind, and soul. The picturesque natural setting of the back-waters of Kerala will inspire an awe for nature and all from which we come into this beautiful world.

These spa resorts offer wonderful services to pamper you. The touch of daily full-body massages from highly-qualified yet also warm, loving Keralites are frequently reported by clients to be life-changing in their comforting, healing effects. In addition to these powerful massages, there are also endless opportunities for steam baths, cleanses, stress-relieving therapies, face masks, meditation, and yoga.

The resorts I work with are locally owned and operated. The money you invest in your health will also be invested in the health of India. These resorts train young ayurvedic doctors, provide benefits and health care for their staff, are at the forefront of India’s environmentally consicous business movement, and firmly stand by an ethos of a healthy, supported India. My belief is that a healing environment such as this has the most power in healing and rejuvenating it’s clients. I’m confident you’ll see a wonderful difference.