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This is a signature guided cleanse reserved for a special few who qualify. This cleanse requires planning, a sense of adventure and a burning desire to get back to your highest health potential.

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🌿 Embrace the Gentle Touch of Home-Based Cleansing 🌿
Welcome to a world of self-care, where you can nurture your body, mind, and spirit right within the cozy confines of your own home. Bid farewell to toxins, the weariness of everyday life, and embrace a soothing journey with Salila’s Signature DIY Cleanse at Home program.
🌟 Step 1: Radiate Wellness From Within
Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Dive into our exclusive DIY cleanse guide, lovingly crafted to be your gentle companion. Inside, you’ll discover expert tips and step-by-step instructions designed to nourish your body with pure, natural ingredients, promoting a sense of inner harmony and vitality.
🍏 Step 2: Cleanse with Kindness
Say goodbye to processed foods and welcome a cleansing journey that’s as unique as you are. Our program offers a range of customizable options, allowing you to select the cleanse that aligns perfectly with your aspirations, whether it’s a delicate detox or a deeper, transformative reset.
🏡 Step 3: Your Home, Your Sanctuary
Your home is your retreat, your safe haven for self-love. No need for costly spa visits or scheduling conflicts. Revel in the warmth of your own space as you embark on this personal journey of healing and renewal, learning a self healing art of Ayurveda so valuable you will pass it on to the next generation.
🧘 Step 4: The Support You Deserve
As you embark on this transformative path, you won’t be alone. With 3 consultations and daily WhatsApp checkins, Salila is here to uplift and guide you every step of the way. Share your successes, seek advice, and connect to clarify as your wellness journey progresses.
🎉 Step 5: Embrace Your Refreshed Self
Imagine the feeling of emerging from your guided cleanse, renewed and rejuvenated. With newfound energy, mental clarity, and a lighter spirit, you’ll be ready to embrace life to the fullest. This is your chance to reset, rejuvenate, and create a lifestyle that cherishes your well-being.
🌟 Step into the nurturing embrace of Salila’s Signature Ultimate Guided Panchakarma Cleanse and experience the profound joy of self-care in the comfort of your own home.
Who is this cleanse program for?
This cleanse works best for those who want to self empower themselves with the art of Ayurvedic healing. This is an excellent way to master your own bodies health challenges and find reliable ways to heal yourself under Salila’s guidance. Existing clients are busy executives, home makers who have family obligations, entrepreneurs, IT professionals etc
How long is this cleanse program?
This cleanse will last 21-24 days depending on how much time you can give this cleanse.
How will I be supported during this cleanse?
Salila will have three 60 minute consultations with you, one before the cleanse one before major protocols, and one at the end of the cleanse. Salila will personally guide you over a period of 21-24 days via WhatsApp with daily checkins.
Will this cleanse cover all the major Panchakarma protocol?
Yes, this cleanse will cover all major Panchakarma protocols, of Nasya, Deepana Pachana herbs, Sadhyo Vamana, Virechana, Langhana, Vasti etc however if you have existing health conditions that are not served by the cleanse, the protocol will be modified to suit your health needs.
What are the best times for this Cleanse?
Fall, Winter and Spring are best for this cleanse, however this cleanse can be done any time of the year to arrest the development of chronic conditions. Summer months are not conducive for fiery signs like Pitta Body Types.
Can I purchase this cleanse as a gift? 
Yes, you may purchase this cleanse as a gift to self however if after reviewing your Intake Form you are found to be not a good fit for this program your payment will be refunded minus $50 for processing fee.

Please Note: We regret we cannot honor appointment times without receiving payment AND the Intake form in time.

Cancellations: Appointments cancelled within 24 hours and no shows will be charged in full.

If life has happened and you need to reschedule, use the Calendly link “Schedule your appointment” to find new times.

If you do not wish to move forward with the appointment, entire amount minus $50 is refunded for administrative charges. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

Please understand that your sessions should be viewed as any other important appointment you make for yourself. This time is an investment in yourself. The decision to cancel for any reason other than serious illness or emergency should be heavily weighed against the benefit you would miss out on from keeping your appointment.

If all this is overwhelming and you need guidance, simply email me (Salila) at salila@ayurgamaya.com, and we will take you forward step by step.

I look forward to being a part of your healing journey. Namaskaram.

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