Panchakarma Detoxification: How it worked for me

Panchakarma has truly freed me and revealed my purpose.

Panchakarma has truly freed me and revealed my purpose.

This sample schedule is based on my prakriti (Vata) and my ailment (Gyn issue), yours could look very different. However the five evacuative processes mentioned here will be followed in roughly the same order. The durations might be different for you.

Day 0: Determining the body type, ailment and treatment course.

Day 1-3: Exfoliation and Nasal cleansing followed by steam bath.

Day 4: Rest before Ghee therapy. Oil massage and steam bath.

Day 5-8: Ghee Therapy to bind the toxins.

Day 9: Purgation

Day 10 -15: Generous oil massage and Nasal Cleansing.

Day 16 – 19: Oil and herbal decoction Enemas.

How I have personally benefited from a Panchakarma

  • Lost 10 pounds and keeping it off, its been a month.
  • Lost an inch off my body overall
  • No more driving related and social anxieties
  • Calm and centered, even during great stress
  • Look much younger
  • Skin is clear
  • Eat more fruit, more vegetables, less carbs and meat
  • Completely avoid certain foods
  • Cook simple meals every day, rarely eat out
  • Continue my daily yoga and meditation
  • Great sleep quality
  • Energized with purpose
  • Deeper spiritually
  • Sing and dance more often