Ayurveda cleanse


Back home in California, my Kerala experience felt surreal. In the blazing California sun and the hardness of concrete everywhere, thoughts of soft rustling coconut palms, the thundering ocean feathering to delicate lace, and sudden crazy insights by the beach, seemed bizarre. Is my life purpose really helping more Americans find authentic Ayurveda? I questioned and doubted as I put my suitcases away.

I went to the backyard and stood among the ancient Figs. I feel calm around trees. I am soothed especially by the play of sunlight on the leaves.

Taking people back to the retreat, restoring health, healing the sick, making Ayurveda as common as the other alternative therapies prevalent in the US, were thoughts that kept coming. I noticed something sticking out of the dead leaves and broken stuff the previous tenants had left behind.

I dug in with both hands and this is what found.

Ayurvedic journey purpose

Ayurveda panchakarma


I would take this as a confirmation.

Do you have a story about how you arrived at your purpose ? Please share. Blessings !

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