Packing List for Ayurvedic Panchakarma Cleanse pampering trip.

You are excited! You have wired the booking amount to your travel agent to confirm your reservation.

Your tickets are booked, the E-visa just arrived in your email.

Now you look around your closet. What shall I pack? Don’t worry here is a handy packing list.

  1. A spirit of adventure

  2. Cotton tops – 3-5

  3. Cotton pants – 1-2

  4. Conservative walking shorts – 1-2

  5. Long linen, cotton or silk skirts/dresses to wear on nights you feel dressy- 2

  6. Lightweight jeans – 1

  7. Scarves, large cotton, to tie into a turban during bathing restrictions- 2-3

  8. Light woolen shawl, if traveling during monsoons or a thick cotton scarf to double up as a blanket, shawl, beach cover – 1

  9. Modest swimsuit or better still, rashguard and boy shorts – 2-3

  10. Indian cotton salwar tunics and loose pants – 2-3

  11. Cotton underwear – 8-10

  12. Quick drying bras – 3-4

  13. Modest Nightwear – 2-3

  14. Modest Yoga wear – 2-3 sets

  15. Flip-flops – 1

  16. A lightweight sweater if traveling during monsoons.

  17. Flat or low heeled comfortable multi-purpose sports sandals -1

  18. Sunhat – 1

  19. Sunglasses – 1

  20. Sun cream with SPF of 50 plus

  21. An easy to pack hobby you enjoy – water colors, Ukelele, knitting perhaps!

  22. Light Reading – As much as you like, retreats have rather heavy spiritual volumes.

  23. Strong Laundry Detergent powder – enough for 6-8 washes

  24. The book(s) / idol / thing you turn to, to weather life’s storms, if they come.

  25. Personal toiletries, esp your favorite hair product because your hair will need extra care after daily oiling and shampooing.

  26. A leather or canvas or cotton bag to carry your book, water bottle, essentials around the retreat as you move from beach to restaurant, Yogashala to treatment room.

To Note :

  • Robes are provided during treatments

  • Laundry facility is available and charged extra

  • Some rooms come with dryer racks and sinks for washing laundry, you may request a dryer rack through front office.

  • Iron is available with front office. Please use liberally on cotton panty lining during the monsoon if you notice dampness. Humidity and extra sweating may cause rashes and yeast infections.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. I am super social on Instagram. Happy Cleansing and Purging ! 🙂

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