Vamana Induced vomiting Panchakarma Ayurvedic detoxification


( Wuh-muh-nuh)

Duration : 3 hours

We have all had one too many and thrown up, we have been sick and we have had stomach bugs but this particular method of induced vomiting works in mysterious ways on the psyche.

I am yet to uncover a reason for why Vamana is such a disturber of the psyche. The doctors have told me that men usually have a fight or flight response and women get withdrawn. Which means this is a highly stressful process.

My day started at 6.30 a.m with an innocent Abhayangam and a steam bath. Then on to the private room for Vamana.

I started my process with a physician and a very capable attendant standing alert to vigorously massage my back and support my head. Arrays of drinks were displayed. There was a jug of strong black salt solution, over 8-12 cups of delicious cold milk, double that of water and numerous other decoctions on a table, which was almost covered with glasses and flasks.

The process starts with a very strong salt solution, chased with an extraordinary amount of milk. I was given time to vomit on my own but since I was keeping the urge down, I was asked to induce myself by sticking two fingers up my throat.

I was given ample tissues and a large bin. The attendant did a great job of keeping my stomach from getting cramped, which I always do when I naturally throw up.

The rest is a blur, all I know is I threw up one too many times. There was at least 10 gallons of liquid in the bin. I was told I had done a good job. My eyelids were swollen from the pressure of inducing and my eyes were bloodshot.

I was led to my room where I cried a bit.

What happened afterwards was a complete breakdown. I did have major issues to work through, issues I had not even been aware of. But there they were, undeniable. Little peas that barely disturbed my sleep a day before had now grown into mountains overnight and were saying to me.

You shall not pass till you see us for what we are.

I lost sleep for the next 4-5 days. My blood pressure shot up to 140/90 and stayed that way for the next 5 days, bringing back memories of my near death experience during childbirth in 2010.

Yoga, meditation and complete faith in God and every angel in human form, who reached out and touched me, pulled me out of those dark days.

Will I do it again?

Knowing what I know today, YES!

The worst was over, onward to the good stuff.

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