Abhyangam massage at a heritage Ayurveda retreat.

Everyday reveals something new about myself that is different from who I used to be before the Panchakarma.

I continue to eat healthy and keep my weight at 105 pounds. Skin continues to look much healthier. The other day a young lady said to me,whatever you are doing to look this good at forty, please bottle it and sell it !

Its a bit like being in love, once you fall in love you want the whole world to experience the high.

My latest discovery has been that a lot of my shopping in past has been anxiety related. Now that the anxieties are gone, I don’t shop much at all.

I enjoy pulling together my existing wardrobe in a creative way. I have developed a taste for flashy footwear, stuff I had in my closet I never had the guts to wear. I flaunt it everyday.

Spiritually continue to go deeper, so many wonderful instances of God reassurance.

Continued acceptance of myself, just way I am.Hail the Panchakarma Gods, may all humanity be blessed with your grace.

Its been great, join me on my annual group tours to see what’s in store for you.

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