Ancient Strategies for Today’s Modern Lifestyle Caused Diseases

Humanity has battled sickness since the beginning of time. Our deep love for each other sent us on the quest to lose no one to disease and suffering.

It took thousands of years in the West before Hippocrates put together an encyclopedia for to-be physicians however in India a large body of work was orally passed down and codified by 3rd century b.c called ‘Charaka Samhita’, the seminal work of an Ayurveda physician or perhaps several traveling physicians. 

Charaka means one who travels, so the jury is out whether this was the work of one man or many.

Rembrandt’s dissection of a cadaver.

Ayurveda is really common sense and a profound observation and understanding of the basic chemical and physical laws of the universe. 

Once the basics are understood its easy to put together rituals that help each body type and tailor diet and exercise to fit one’s lifestyle.

Understanding one’s Ayurveda body type and the risks associated with each body type, doing a sort of SWOT analysis, without exaggeration, has the ability to save our life and save us hundreds of dollars in future healthcare.

I am a Vata body type and I know this makes me susceptible to future bone health issues like arthritis, osteoporosis and nerve degeneration due to drying up of the myelin sheaths.  Its essential I follow rituals and routine, have an oil bath several times a week, add ghee to my diet and keep myself hydrated.

Do you know your body type?

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