Let in the light, let Ayurveda heal you. Body, mind and soul.

According to the ancient texts, here are the twelve benefits to a yearly Panchakarma Cleanse:

  1. Restores youth: Notice those who regularly perform Panchakarma, good chances are you won’t be able to tell their age.

  2. Removes mental and physical fatigue. Once the Vata, Pitta and Kapha are balanced, the mind and the body feels lighter and energetic. I do not eat as much as I used to and have much more energy.

  3. Reduces perturbed Vata. The generous oil massages, steaming and internal medications help reduce Vata. Perturbed Vata can lead to joint issues and arthritis, just like lack of lubrication leads to squeaky joints in machinery. My joints are noticeably more supple and flexible.

  4. Improves eyesight. My eyesight is pretty bad, to begin with, (-8 and -9), I have not seen any changes in my sight but my eyes are certainly not as dry as before.

  5. Increases strength. My body is noticeably stronger. I am able to lift my daughter, do shoulder stands and lift heavy furniture without strain or fatigue.

  6. Longevity. I plan to do a panchakarma every year, we will see about longevity. It’s not hard to believe.

  7. Promotes good sleep. This has certainly been my experience once the soothing Pizhichil massage was done.

  8. Tone the skin. My extremely dry skin has somewhat calmed down. I continue to have an oil bath at night, as was prescribed by my physician.

  9. Tolerance against injuries. It has been a month since my Panchakarma, I have not noticed anything particular but usually, I am always bumping into things and have bruises on me. I don’t see any sore spots on my body.

  10. Protection from wind and phlegm related diseases: I have not caught a cold yet in spite of shifting my home, having major stressors in my significant relationships, and embarking on this new purpose. I normally do fall sick when stressed.

  11. Tolerance against diseases: The massages received during a panchakarma strengthen the flow of lymph, blood, tones the flesh, tendons, and nerves, helps strengthen the bones, teeth, and nails, and improves the health of our marrow and sexual organs and fluids. My nails are noticeably clearer and my teeth are whiter.

  12. Improves skin color: I am certainly a more aesthetically pleasing skin tone than before. From dark honey, I have gone to a more golden tone, which I like better.

Some tips:

If you have never done Panchakarma, it is better to do it with a good friend. Panchakarma initiates a powerful reset and reboot of the mind as well as the body and that may bring challenges, if on your own.

If you can afford it, check into a facility to do Panchakarma instead of at home. The medicines, timings of treatment, food regimen has to all come together for optimal results. Diet is a key aspect of good Panchakarma.

Panchakarma cleanse must be approached with caution if you are clinically depressed or going through a major stressor in life. Have your therapist’s, friends, and supportive family member’s number and email handy.

At the retreat I did my Panchakarma, Wifi was shut off when the residents had sleep problems. If you are in a similar facility where the Physicians are carefully monitoring your sleep and device usage, you may find yourself cut off from the world for extended periods. Have a therapeutic hobby handy to keep your sanity.

Please share how your Panchakarma cleanse has changed your life. Drop a hello on Instagram. I am all ears.

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