Yatha pinde tatha brahmande

As is the universe so is in our bodies.

Everything we see in this universe every particle, every cell, every tree, animal, rock, duality runs through it.

We are all two things at the same time, from a subtle to gross level. Wave and a particle, a particle and a wave.

This famous Vedic verse declares the fundamental truth of the nature of the universe and all that is contained within. 

What applies to the Universe, the macrocosm, directly applies to the microcosm. 

The two parts of what makes duality, is not in opposition but is in unison, like a pair of mating loves.

The two halves are In eternal embrace, in effortless agreement, serving each other, for each other, for the highest good of each other.

Good and bad, reality and non-reality, truth and untruth, cruelty and kindness, chaos and calm,  love and fear exist together in our hearts, in our relationships, the small self and the great self, the ego and the divine soul, are there to aid each other, to express and highlight the other half, to draw out the other, to complete the experience of life here. 

In the eternal dance of life, in our days, in our relationships, both are important, relevant and needed to satisfy the other, to justify the existence of the other.

One cannot be without the other.

Trying to rid of one is an act of futility, is going against the natural order of the universe. 

Feel the fear, transcend to love.

Feel the chaos, move center to calm.

Hear the ego’s voice, follow the higher Self.

Feel repelled, pursue what attracts.

Stop, accept, surrender.

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